2014 Close-up on China Presented by BYEJOE

Jim Yu, Dr. Wenghui Zhang (CI’s co-director), Jaie Laplante, Prof. Dafeng Zhong & Prof. Beibei Liu (both from Beijing Film Academy in Beijing, China)

MIFF's 2014 Close-up on China will showcase a number of the year's most relevant artistic exports focused on the world's biggest growth cinema market.

From top l to r (clockwise): American Dreams in China, Trap Street, Bends, Web Junkie

With the clear fascination on this region of the world, MIFF will once again be collaborating with MDC's Confucius Institute to program a special section of the work reflecting one of the world's most fascinating cultures. The films in the 2014 program are:

American Dreams in China (中國合伙人), by Peter Ho-Sun Chan (China) Dubbed "the Chinese The Social Network", this grand tale follows three friends who launch a successful English instruction school for Chinese students, and then face copyright infringement lawsuits and disintegration of interpersonal relationships.

Bends, by Flora Lau (China) A humble chauffeur from Mainland China and his affluent Hong Kong employer are linked together by a tightening economic noose as they each negotiate the unresolvable tension in their two homes. ***Director Flora Lau will be in attendance at the screening and answer questions from the audience.

Trap Street (Shuiyin Jie) by Vivian Qu (China) An unsuspecting young cartographer discovers a dead-end lane that doesn’t register on the city’s digital mapping system, and is accidentally exposed to government surveillance secrets that will change his life forever.

Web Junkie, by Shosh Shlam & Hilla Medalia (Israel / USA) China is the first country to label Internet addiction a clinical disorder. In a Beijing addiction clinic, teenage boys are “deprogrammed” to redevelop socialization skills.

MIFF is pleased to welcome byejoe, the spirit of China, as presenting sponsor of China’s Close-up in 2014.