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1. When and where is the 2012 MIFF? March 2-11, 2012. The Festival takes place in Miami and Miami Beach.

2. Do you accept 'rough cuts' or 'works in progress'? We do accept rough cuts or works-in-progress, as long as your film will be completed in time to screen at the festival. However, please submit your work-in-progress only if you feel the heart of the film is present. Please indicate which production elements are missing on your entry (for example, "the submitted version has scratch music"). If you have submitted a work-in-progress and find that it won't be ready by the time of our Festival, you may submit the finalized version to us next year.

3. Will you confirm receipt of my entry? All entries submitted through Withoutabox will be acknowledged on the WAB site when we receive them.

4. Do you grant fee waivers? Out of fairness to other filmmakers, it is our festival's policy NOT to give fee waivers or reductions. We understand filmmaking is an expensive venture, but these fees are necessary to fund the basics of the screening process.

5. What if my film has been broadcast on TV or released in the US? If your film has been broadcast on a US TV channel or released in US theaters before the Festival, it is not eligible for MIFF.

6. What if my film has played at other US festivals? If your film has been shown in Festivals outside of Florida, the film is still technically eligible, although World, International, North American and U.S. premieres are given preference by the programming team, especially for competition sections.

7. How recently does my film have to have been produced? We require that your film be completed after March 1, 2011.

8. My film is only available in Digibeta format. Can I still submit? Yes, if your film is selected for the Festival, we may make an exception to screen in Digibeta NTSC or PAL, though we strongly prefer 35mm or HDCam (not HDCamSR).

9. Does the Festival show films for children? There is not a specific category for children's films, but we traditionally include some in our program.

10. How do you distinguish shorts from features? Shorts have a maximum of 40 minutes in total running time. Full-length features have a minimum running time of 60 minutes (50 minutes for documentaries) Films between 40 and 60 minutes are considered mid-length films and may be paired with other mid-length films to make a complete program.

11. How do I know if my film is NTSC or PAL format? Depending on the part of the world that you live in, you either have NTSC or PAL broadcasting formats. Most of North America and many Asian countries (Japan, South Korea) favor the format NTSC, which is short for National Television Standards Committee, while Europe, Australia and some parts of Asia use a competing format called PAL, or Phase Alternating Line. An NTSC formatted DVD won't play on a PAL player and vice versa.

12. Can I re-submit a previously rejected film? You can only re-submit a film if it has been significantly re-edited from the last submission. Please indicate this if you do choose to re-submit.

13. How many films can I submit? There is no limit to the number of films you can submit. Just be sure to fill out a separate entry form and pay an entry fee for each entry.

14. Can I speak with someone about feedback of my film? Unfortunately, no. Due to the high volume of films submitted, we cannot commit to speaking individually with filmmakers about why we did not select their films.

15. When will I find out if my film has been selected? We will notify everyone by email whether their film has been accepted or rejected by January 16th, 2012. Please be sure to keep us updated regarding any changes to your e-mail address.

16. If my film is not accepted, will you return my submission? If you supply us with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, we will return your entry, otherwise, your entry will not be returned. Do not send original prints or tapes. We are not able to return any other submission materials such as press kits and stills. Entry fees are non-refundable. Also, please note that we do not keep rejected films. Do not wait until after the Festival has passed to ask for your film back.

17. If accepted, does the Festival pay to bring the filmmaker to the event? It depends on which category your film has been selected for.

18. Is there a market component to the Festival? Yes, the Ibero-American Digital marketplace is open to projects, either completed or in post-production, which originate from Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean, or any Latin American country, OR originate from the US and contain a central Latino theme or character. This digital library is available only to a select group of key film industry executives (sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, programmers, financiers, etc.) for the duration of the Festival.

For more information on MIFF submission requirements, visit Withoutabox.

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