MIFF is occasionally seeking seasonal team members for various roles. In you are interested in working with us, please submit your resume and cover letter to

Ticketing Coordinator

The Ticketing Coordinator works with Associate Director, Activation, to mobilize the internal ticketing system during the Festival.  Based in the MIFF offices, the Ticketing Coordinator will fulfill all incoming internal ticket orders from filmmakers, guests, members, sponsors, VIPs, MDC employees, and industry members, for the weeks leading up to the festival.  During the festival, Ticketing Coordinator will be based in MIFF offices, and continue to handle incoming requests and any ticketing needs, and additional duties as assigned.  Coordinator will be trained in use of ticketing software and basic box office functioning, and be comfortable working independently and proactively (though in a team environment) to fulfill all ticket orders according to MIFF policy and procedure. 

Qualified candidates will demonstrate a commitment to excellent customer service for all guests, problem-solving, a high degree of accuracy with detail-oriented information, and discretion with sensitive information.  A background in ticketing software is preferred;
proficiency in Excel required.  Coordinator will also be a key liaison with IMG, MIFF’s ticketing vendor, to ensure smooth operation of all external ticket sales to public audiences at Festival venues.  Coordinator is responsible for post-festival reports, wrap report, and analysis of ticketing distribution operation. 

This position reports to Associate Director of Activation, and Executive Director.
Position begins part-time January 2015, and becomes full time in February - March 2015. 
Extended hours and evening / weekend work may be required leading up to and during the Festival.  This is a short-term seasonal contract.  To apply, please send cover letter and resume to

Presentation Coordinator

Miami International Film Festival is accepting applications for Presentation Coordinator for the 2014-2015 season. This is a contract-based seasonal role. Presentation Coordinator works with the Activation (especially Theater Operations and Transportation) and Program departments to coordinate and oversee all elements of on-stage presentation during the Festival.

This includes recruiting, scheduling, scripting, training, and supervising on-stage talent (programmers and presenters) to present the Festival and the Festival’s sponsors and guests, at each public Festival event, to the general public with an expectation of superior entertainment-driven event professionalism. The position would also require the development and in-depth orchestration of a liaison team to navigate and accompany Festival guests and sponsors for precise realization of schedule targets.

This role will also handle stage aesthetics, and MIFF’s award show. This position will gain a broad knowledge of all people involved in the Festival, so they instruct the activity of programmers, presenters, liaisons, and guests effectively.

Candidates should have a strong operations and staging background, and experience leading a team of people. Emphasis is placed on creating a positive and exciting experience for all Festival patrons, and a rewarding, organized experience for volunteers, staff, and stakeholders. Must be proficient in Excel. Some experience with technical presentation and theater operations preferred.

Position begins September 2014, is part time through December, and evolves to full time in January-March 2015. Extended hours and weekend work will be required leading up to and during the Festival. To apply, please send cover letter and resume to

Theater Managers

Theater Managers oversee the successful operation of all front-of-house activity at MIFF festival venues, facilitating a top-notch guest and patron experience, while ensuring organizational policy is implemented. Responsibilities include load-in and load-out of theater, line management and crowd control, handling patron concerns, overseeing volunteers, handling ticket collection and balloting, facilitating smooth presentation of filmmaker & talent introductions and Q&As, and all aspects of screenings and individual venue operation.  Theater Managers work closely with the public, volunteers, venue staff, ticketing staff, and technical staff.

Theater Managers are experienced in working in dynamic, high-energy environments, problem-solving, public speaking, and working/communicating with a team. They will demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and a commitment to customer service.
Position dates: March 6-15, 2015, and several days of pre-festival orientation. Extended hours and weekend work will be required leading up to and during the Festival. To apply, please send cover
letter and resume to